In addition to our exciting new look, we offer a safe and comfortable workplace with private outdoor space, extensive shared collaboration spaces, on-site fitness and dining, sweeping views and an experienced onsite management team.  Raw space and flexible pre-built options are available.   


We are excited to welcome our returning tenants with a fully renovated lobby, adjoining meeting and collaboration spaces and fitness center. 

With over 14,000 square feet of flexible shared conference and collaboration space, a private 5-acre green plaza located 3 stories above the street, and extensive in-house dining options, all within easy walking distance of the Stamford Metro Center and the vibrant downtown, we can uniquely address your post-COVID concerns. 

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The health and safety of our tenants remains our highest priority.  201 Tresser has operated with a fully trained continuum of service providers throughout the COVID pandemic.  We have followed all CDC guidelines for social distancing, cleaning and sanitizing, ventilation, and use of personal protective equipment. Access to our garage, office and private outdoor space is controlled.   


Remote working and flexible work schedules are here to stay.  Employers will not be bringing their workers back to isolate in cubicles.  While precious in-office time will be devoted to the active face-to-face communications that build teams and inspire creativity and productivity, still, the requirement for social distancing will continue.  The generous shared spaces at 201 Tresser will accommodate groups from 2 to 100 in traditional conference settings and flexible open plans.  Tenants also have access to a 160+ seat auditorium with adjacent break-out areas and a private 5-acre outdoor space.  


A variety of available pre-built and raw spaces will accommodate most needs.  Whether your plans have been finalized and you are ready to build-out your own unique workspace, or if you are still reimaging your future needs and are looking for an immediate or short-term solution, you will enjoy sweeping views of the city and Long Island Sound, private outdoor space, generous amenities, and a well-maintained infrastructure.  

You will find a safe, healthy, and attractive workplace and a responsive and dedicated management team at 201 Tresser.     

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